Vivian is the non-feathered individual in the photo.

Vivian is the non-feathered individual in the photo.

Nice to meet you.

Vivian Hansen is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist originating in Mississippi and currently residing in Georgia. She is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design and the University of Mississippi, having studied fine art, illustration, graphic design, English, and Japanese. She is an avid reader, adventurer, and crafter, and enjoys constantly learning new things.

Her work has been exhibited throughout the southern United States, as well as in Ireland and France, and has been published in newspapers like The Daily Mississippian, magazines like SCAN and the eMag Penumbra, privately printed books like RAWR for SCAD Atlanta as well as two decks of illustrated playing cards. She enjoys freelance work, and is currently considering full-time placement opportunities as well.

Instagram: @vivianillustrates

Twitter: @vivianillustrates




For inquiries, please contact vivianillustrates [at] gmail [dot] com.